AEK is designed to be the optimal solution for every institution.
Simply select the features that best suit your unique needs.

Security Variations

  • Locked Cabinet with Breakaway Entry (includes hammer and safe proprietary acrylic window)
  • Thumb handle with no lock or hammer
  • We will not include a lock on a cabinet that does not have a secondary access method (breakaway window) unless the rest of the building is already protected with Original AEK™ hallway/lunchroom cabinets

Labeling Variations

  • Allergy Emergency Kit
  • Emergency Epinephrine
  • Allergy/Asthma Emergency Kit
  • Asthma Emergency Kit
  • Albuterol Emergency Inhaler
  • Custom Text

Alarm Variations

  • No Alarm (Recommended, since full concentration is needed to read instructions)
  • Cabinet Door Alarm
  • Breakaway Alarm
  • Custom Alarm Solutions

Instruction Variations

  • EpiPen®
  • Auvi-Q™
  • Benadryl
  • Generic Epinephrine by Lineage Therapeutics
  • Generic Epinephrine by TEVA

Privacy Variations

  • Clear Breakaway Window
  • Black Privacy Window (Nurse's Office only)

AED Ready

  • Optional AEK/AED Cabinet (Public Areas)
  • AED Conversion Kits Available


The velcro backing allows full customization of contents.
The Original Allergy Emergency Kit is compatible with anything and everything you need in an emergency.

Example Product Compatibility

Panels & Economy Cases

Basic allergy emergency protection ensures every school can be covered, regardless of budget.

Home & Classroom Version

Alerts your child's guardian or teacher where the emergency medication is.

AEK for Restaurants

Serving seafood, peanuts or other common allergens? Protect your allergic patrons!