All About EpiPens®

  • April 2015

Parents who know their kids could have a severe allergic reaction — a condition called anaphylaxis — to foods, bee stings or other substances can take precautions by sending them to school with an injectable treatment of the hormone epinephrine that can open blocked airways while an ambulance is en route. But a quarter of all first-ever cases of anaphylaxis episodes happen to kids while they're at school, catching everyone by surprise.

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Windgap Medical receives funding for Development of Epinephrine Powder Auto-injector

  • June 2015

The Windgap device is smaller – about the size of a Bic lighter. Windgap has engineered a dry formulation of epinephrine that's more shelf-stable and less sensitive to temperature. Again, it's more pocket-friendly because it can withstand the heat of a pocket without worry of denaturing. This one's notable, because it's meant to outlast both the EpiPen and the Auvi-Q. Windgap's more intuitive to use: Even when you're having an allergy attack, you can immediately know which end's the pointy end. Furthermore, Windgap's design's meant to reflect today's aesthetics – it's meant to be sleek and understated.

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Emergency EpiPens accessible at Ridge

  • September 22, 2014

Fishertown - A new storage strategy in the Chestnut Ridge school buildings makes getting to and using life-saving EpiPens much easier. Sharron Gordon, nurse at Chestnut Ridge Middle School, said new EpiPen boxes were installed in all of the district schools last week. EpiPens deliver a single dose of epinephrine to provide quick relief for those who suffer severe allergic reactions.

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Mokena Father Donates Allergy Emergency Kits to D159

  • November 02, 2013

Brandon Wilson used to ask himself what's with all these food allergies. That is until he and his wife learned the hard way that their daughter Rosemary is allergic to tree nuts. "One cashew and she went into full anaphylaxis," Wilson said, while at the Mokena School District 159 meeting Wednesday night. "By the grace of God we had a bottle of Benadryl. That was enough until the ambulance came."

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  • August 2013

The Original Allergy Emergency Kit founder Brandon Wilson challenges his new friends at Mylan Specialty and Sanofi / Kaleo to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with help from some shrieking little girls.

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Newman Leads Independent Schools in EpiPen Program

Newman now has a school-wide network of easy-to-access EpiPens – the first program of its kind at a Louisiana school. Located in easy-access boxes at key locations throughout the School – including the Dining Hall, the Lower School Office, and Jefferson Building – these EpiPens pens are "undesignated," which means they are not prescribed to a specific student, but to the School for general use.

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