• Non-locking cabinet ensures emergency access
  • Includes sign for high visibility
  • Contents fully customizable
  • Mounts easily to walls
  • Instructions included
  • Product Number: EN9394
  • Product Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Size (inches): 14 x 14 x 3

The Original Allergy Emergency Kit

for Restaurants

We've heard for years about first aid, the Heimlich maneuver, about CPR, about defibrillators. Epinephrine is a miracle-drug - a critical lifesaving supply for the current era. The current paradigm is that epinephrine is a prescription medication that needs to be stored securely. And that is where the Original Allergy Emergency Kit™ comes in. This kit includes everything needed for setup except the prescription medication itself.

This non-locking epinephrine auto-injector cabinet is designed especially for restaurant use. It has a thin, low-profile design and very prominent positioning for a two-sided laminated instruction sheet that features allergic reaction symptoms on one side and auto-injector instructions on the other side. The instructions are held onto the front of the cabinet by Velcro tabs.

Install this cabinet in a prominent place in your kitchen or corridor so all employees know where to find epinephrine in an allergic emergency. Includes 3D signage, mounting hardware and laminated auto-injector instructions. If stock epinephrine is legal in your state, you and your customers will gain great peace of mind knowing that you have this lifesaving medication on hand. This cabinet does not include epinephrine auto-injectors. In states where restaurants and public venues can obtain stock epinephrine, your restaurant can obtain a prescription from a local allergist or physician.


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Serious food allergies are reaching a tipping point - approximately 8% of children in the United States have been diagnosed with a serious food allergy. At least 15% of people with food allergies develop the condition after the age of 18, with some remaining undiagnosed until the age of 30.

Even worse, 25% of all serious allergy incidents involve people who had not been previously diagnosed as having an anaphylactic allergy. We have already taken precautions at schools to protect children with nut allergies, but it is time for our society to move to the next level: ubiquitous availability of allergy emergency supplies.

With anaphylaxis, seconds count. A misplaced auto-injector, undiagnosed allergy, or a slow ambulance can have deadly results. At The Original Allergy Emergency Kit™, our vision is for the Good Samaritan - that street-smart employee, manager, or fellow patron - to have the supplies necessary to save a life.